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Re: Moore/Behr Interview: Studio wanted to get rid of Bashir/Move Stat

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It really confuses me why the studios kept the "make it like TNG" mantra for so long, it eventually killed the franchise on television. I think a show like DS9 would be stellar in todays climate.
All things considered... DS9's staff wasn't -that- much darker than TNG's... what
DS9 WAS much darker than TNG. That's in part because you couldn't get more "lighter" than TNG....well, not outside of Stargate. TNG was great but in many ways it was more rosy and upbeat and positive than TOS. DS9 on the other hand was less feel-good because so many of its characters were shaded in darkness. Not to mention in its final two seasons there was an all-out war taking place in the AQ.
DS9 at it's core though had the same morality of TNG. Sisko upheld the same ideals of Picard, it's only his situation that was darker. Sisko was put in a position where his ideals came in direct conflict with the preservation of those ideals. Picard was never put in that kind of situation.

TNG presented us a utopia, and DS9 held that utopia up as something to strive toward that may not be really possible. But the ideals were the same.
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