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Vegetarians can eat all the chocolate they want, so long as it's not chocolate covered meat. Vegans can eat all the chocolate they want, so long as there are no animal products (milk, honey, etc) in it. I don't know if there's a vegan version of white chocolate.
Bees make honey. I guess they think it is some form of slave labor...
Don't be so judgemental, your own ethical boundaries are just as arbitrary as theirs -- you're just accustomed to them so they don't seem strange. For many vegans the philosophy is to live a life that is not reliant upon animal resources, at all. It's not just about animals being misused, it's about them not being used in any way. Among other things this means wearing no wool and eating no honey.

So you don't agree with that philosophy? That's fine, neither do I. But it's no more or less arbitrary than our own personal morals.

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