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What does everyone know about Spock Prime? [probably spoilers]

In Trek XI Spock Prime was somewhat insistent on keeping his secret. For reasons of necessity he revealed himself to Kirk and by extension Scotty and Keenser also learn who he is. Although Prime insists Quinto Spock can't learn of him, the two do meet in the end. A deleted scene implies Spock Prime has no intention of telling Sarek who he is. Now in STID, Quinto Spock wanting to know about Khan contacts Spock Prime and the two of them openly discuss the Prime universe and Spock Prime is publically called "Spock" in front of the Enterprise's bridge crew.

I'm guessing this means Spock Prime is open to everyone about who he is and where he's from. In fact, the comics show that the Enterprise's senior staff at least know it and discuss it openly.

Is this logical? Given that Spock Prime has apparentally taken a solemn vow not to reveal future events, doesn't letting the fact he's from an alternate future just invite people to ask? Couldn't he have just said he's cousin Selek or something and just left his true identity a secret for Kirk, Quinto Spock, Scotty and Keenser?
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