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Re: If you wrote the next one, which original episode would you revisi

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I was joking...

Except for this - in TOS Kirk always had an interesting tension to his womanizing. He plainly liked sex, found lots of women sexy, liked being sexy to women - but he could also be reluctant (Mudd's Women, Miri) and calculating about seduction (What are Little Girls Made of, Catspaw, Wink of an Eye), and in general he was, well, classier about it all than Pine's Kirk who seems to walk around with his tongue hanging out like a frat boy on the make.

Now, granted they are plainly playing nuKirk as a younger, more immature version of the character at this point - but anyone who can't walk across a courtyard without giving a wink and a "Hey there, sexy lady" to a passing hottie comes across to me as either trying way too hard to prove he's hetero, or just an asshat.
He didn't say "hey there, sexy lady" (which is crass), he said "Hello ladies, Jim Kirk". They catch his eye, he turns, they look back and he just has to introduce himself. This works really well because he's on his way to see Pike who he thinks is going to give him the premiere assignment of the 5 year mission. He's incredibly cocky and Pike is going to shoot him down just like Uhura shot him down in the bar in 2009.

The problem is they're playing it for laughs, rather than trying to make nuKirk actually sexy, so that when he is actually sexy, as in scenes of real loyalty and emotion, who he's having those scenes with - is Spock.
Yes this is totally true and yes it is K/S heaven. And we saw it all before in TOS where he had a much deeper and closer relationship to Spock than to any of his women.

I mean, one of my biggest problems with nuTrek is that McCoy is sexier than Kirk - and that's just wrong.
We have to disagree on that one! Though the pinnacle of sex in JJTrek for me is NuSpock.

"Damnit Spock. God damnit!" Kirk ST:V
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