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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

It is so easy to blather on mindlessly about someone that made choices in a time and situation you have no knowledge of whatsoever. You drone on about Franz Joseph not having any knowledge of Trek and being a Lost in Space fan. And yet he was doing the plans and book for his daughter and friends who WERE extreme Trek fans, had access to countless film clips, and acted as unpaid research assistants. You drone on about Schnaubelt's lack of knowledge and yet he was HIRED by Roddenberry and met with him, corresponded with him, and also met Jefferies. This Roddenberry that you paint as dismissing Schnaubelt's work out of hand due to its massive infidelity to TOS was the very same Roddenberry that approved it all, called it unprecedented, and only found fault with it when he couldn't get a slice of the gobs of money it made.

I'm tired of reading your rant against a guy that is dead and thus isn't here to defend his work. Take up a f&@king technical pen and your massive Trek cred and let's see what you come up with, 'kay? Oh wait. Ain't possible because it isn't 1973 and unfortunately you have forty years of technical advance and hindsight to puff up your arguments. And a dead guy to argue with.
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