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This movie is so explicitly political and anti-current American military policy that, having seen it twice now, I'm shocked that Paramount gave the go-ahead on the script. It's more daring in that respect than anything Star Trek has presented in nearly forty-five years.
I posted earlier that Alcatraz must be the stand in for GITMO.
If SF-as-allegory is even a fraction as potent now as it was apparently for Serling and others decades back, then they'd've been better off going much further, rather than just paying lip service to present concerns over US excesses and failings, which is a safe and trendy thing to do, especially for international markets that already think of us in this way.

A really serious and massive false flag op like flying a starship into a downtown crash in order to generate support for attacking somebody not actually responsible for the incident would have really knocked the stars off the UFP banner (and it probably would have fallen more in lines with what I've read from Orci on occasion in terms of his own views.)
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