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Re: Moore/Behr Interview: Studio wanted to get rid of Bashir/Move Stat

The new stuff in the interview, from what I can gather, are the bits about Roddenberry (particulary Risa) and wanting the station to travel through the wormhole. The rumors about Bashir on the chopping block had been around since the end of season one however when he was arguably the most unpopular character.

The DS9 through the wormhole idea is something i can see Paramount wanting because one got the sense in the interviews during those days that TPTB of DS9 were trying to defend the show's more stationary premise in comparison to previous Trek shows. The Roddenberry revelation, as I mentioned above, is the biggest one and one that I have not heard before, at least not from that angle. But I will say that when TNG was hitting its stride during its middle seasons there was a lot of stuff floating around that it was only after Roddenberry had released his grip on the production side of things (and of course died not so soon afterwards) did the series come into its own under Berman and Piller. This was respectfully talked about in the media although you would never read a quote from Berman and Piller or anyone else confirming this. So what Behr and Moore are saying now makes sense in that Roddenberry was a controlling type who was firm on his utopian vision of the 24th century. All Moore and Behr are doing are providing specific details (including the revelation that Stewart wanted to "sex up" Picard's image to some extent).
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