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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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For a long time many fans accepted FJ's work as pretty much accepted gospel in terms of Trek technical background, at least in regards to TOS, TAS and the early films.
...and did not really know that he wasn't a fan, preferred "Lost in Space", and that his actual knowledge of the world of TOS and its details was only a fraction of what most passionate fans then and now knew or could have known just by watching the actual footage, listening to the dialogue, examining the studio set blueprints and arriving at their own conclusions based on the aforementioned.

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But when TNG bowed FJ's work began to be forgotten as the new creators sought to put their stamp on Trek's world building and effectively rewrite what had long been accepted.
I've been a Star Trek actifan (founding the fan club who initiated the first Trek Diners, publishing fanzines and organizing conventions) since 1980 and most assuredly I did not accept his work other than his prop reproductions (i.e. where these were correct), because it was essentially too incompatible with what we saw onscreen.

"Effectively rewrite what had long been accepted?" I don't know how you treat your kids, but I, for one, do not reward bad behaviour or in this case bad, incomplete and superficial research (if we can even talk about "research"), mind looking at it as canon.

Thus Gene Roddenberry and Bob Justman (the creators) and their staff were totally entitled to rewrite what FJ had produced. Whether everything that came after TOS is compatible with TOS continuity, is a different story, IMHO.

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Would you adhere to what he had established or only accept parts of it?

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Or would you simply ignore it altogether in favour of something totally new reflecting the "official" world-building as written from TNG onward?
Neither that. I'd completely rewrite it based entirely on the actual TOS information we have and consider post TOS information only to fill in the blanks and where it does not contradict original TOS canon, continuity or style.

Apparently, blssdwlf and myself are going exactly for this in or original series USS Enterprise interior and/or deck plan projects in the fan art section.

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