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When someone says, "It doesn't feel like Star Trek," what they mean is, "It doesn't feel like GOOD Star Trek," which is a perfectly valid statement.
No, what the mean is, "It doesn't feel like the Star Trek I'm used to and I don't like it."
And there is nothing wrong with that. After all many people who grew up with Star Wars felt like Lucas raped their childhood with the prequels.
Agreed. It's just a figure of speech people. Obviously we realize that this IS Star Trek, because it's got the freakin name in the title and it's an official Paramount movie.

But just like many people (including me) felt the SW prequels didn't feel like the Star Wars we knew and loved, this movie didn't really feel like Star Trek to many of us.

It felt more like just another mindless, over the top action movie... that just happened to have phasers, Klingons, and giant starships in it.
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