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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Maybe some of the posters here can't envision a world beyond their own dispossession?
Maybe some of the posters here can't comprehend why people need to submit to any form of dispossession? In a legal sense, dispossession is characterized with language such as wrongful, illegal and non-consensual. An example of the act of dispossession would be ouster or removal of a person from their property by trick, compulsion, or misuse of the law.

What kind of hellhole future would see an entire populace exposed to this kind of horrifying treatment? To have people capriciously strip of their possessions and properties?

horatio83 wrote: View Post
I think the crucial point here is that dispossession actually implies empowerment of a different kind.
Empowering to whom? The people or organization preforming the dispossession? A dispossession is something that happens to you.

horatio83 wrote: View Post
I don't need to wield more power or own more than my brother or sister to be happy. I am actually more happy when I do not have to fear that somebody wants to take more power or possessions for him- or herself at my expense.
Of course if you freely choose to divest yourself (but not others) of all possessions and property, this would be your choice. But there should never be assumption that others will do the same. Nor should here be any level of societal pressure, nor misuse of law, to compel others to follow your freely chosen path.

There'll always a hot meal waiting for you down at the mission.

horatio83 wrote: View Post
And no, none of this implies that nobody strives for excellence.
But there is a heavy implication that no one will receive the fruits of their labors, compensations for their intellectual and physical efforts. Not if another person receives the exact same compensations for doing essentially nothing.

Every year the Nobel committee awards Nobel prizes to select individuals, for their accomplishments in their chosen fields, comes with a nice 1.2 million dollar check. People who do nothing noteworthy don't get even a chance at the award, nor at the check from the committee.

There's nothing remotely wrong with exspecting to compensated for what you do, it's a form of recognition. In the future as in the past, people with intelligence, or born talents, or unusual levels of drive will be compensated more generously, than those who come up lacking in the attributes department.


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