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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

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Okay I am now going to take time out from my very important posting frenzy in the Star Trek XI+ forum to explain to you all why Chakotay/7 works. For personal background in case anyone hasn't noticed I have always been J/7 and I have never been a Chakotay fan (other than saying he's good to look at). So I should be puking over C/7.

Chakotay is perfect for 7. Not perfect for the long term but perfect for where she is right now. He's kind, he's thoughtful, he's attracted to strong women and he will never hurt her. She is deeply wounded and unsure of herself as far as relationships and Chakotay has the patience, empathy and natural desire to dote on her that she needs. .....

What does Chakotay get out of it? As we know strong women are his thing, but this time he gets to be the strong man as well because 7 needs him. She's kick ass but she's vulnerable. He can give more to her than Seska ever needed or wanted. She may not show her appreciation but as she grows more comfortable in being in a relationship I think Chakotay will see her blooming and feel that he is appreciated. It will be an important relationship for both of them and while it will not last (and doesn't in the books) they will part with no animosity and with a gratitude for the time they spent together.
Ok...that was a good argument for C/7.

But I still don't like it!
Yes, Teacake... you should still puke!

As you point out, Seven needs a therapist, not a lover.

What does he get out of it? Besides great "arm candy" can SHE realistically support HIS emotional needs? If all he "needs" is to be in the orbit of a strong woman what will happen when this man gets cut free from the younger woman who no longer "needs" his kind of therapy? After living in the shadow of unrequited (?) love for 7 years and then having/losing Seven (according to your scenario) will he just resign the game and retire to a monastery?
I've know a lot of couples over the years where one of them is very happy in the orbit of a stronger person, the examples I'm thinking of are all stronger women with doting man in orbit. And of course we've had millennium of literature with the opposite portrayal. Though I make fun of Chakotay I don't think this relationship pattern is in itself dysfunctional for everyone. If his comfort zone is of being a carer that's fine. 7 is incapable of taking advantage of that, probably his biggest struggle will be getting her to accept the care in the first place, as it sometimes is with Janeway.

As to what happens to him afterwards, well I'll go with the books.. he breaks up amicably with 7 and he and Janeway hook up. Hopefully now that no one is dead any more they will drop the Chakotay nervous breakdown storyline and everything will work out.. but I think she will always be the alpha partner and he will always be in a carer role who relishes being in orbit. And maybe in the 24th century that's no longer a subject for mockery.

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