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Not everything needs spelled out.

What exactly are you looking for? The movie explains how the Enterprise becomes caught in Earth's gravity, and that they're close enough to be pulled downward.

If you don't like it, blame it on Psi 2000.
Please be happy you can enjoy it and stop trying to convert those that don't like it for whatever reason. At least I went to see it, despite my better judgment.
I'm not trying to convert anyone, I just get curious when people find phantom reasons to dislike something that has done them no harm.
They're not phantom reasons. And it's difficult to explain. It's too fast and childish for me. And it tries too hard to win us over with quick references to past Trek They've made these characters more like 21st century people. Kirk is an immature cocky fly boy. And his death is as meaningless to me as it should be to Spock. Spock seems to have suffered from a Trellium addiction cause he cannot keep his emotions in check. And he is in a relationship with a subordinate and a one time a cadet. He has the gall to bring Kirk up for cheating? Bones is being made a caricature of the original. Scotty reminds me nothing of the original. He seems like a running gag. The ship is ugly as..... The effects are too much like Star Wars for me. And I'm talking new Star Wars. It's all flash and no substance to me.
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