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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Nope, they'll give it to Scott Lobdell. He's such a great writer that everyone loves, right? He can just write all the books.

Well, there's my nightmares for the next week

Seriously thought, I'm not upset. Maybe a new writer will raise the quality of the book a bit. E2 is ok (and thats a real accomplishment for DC these days) but its just ok, and even then it has a lot of flaws. Maybe someone who didn't write Cry for Justice can make GL less of an unlikeable jackass, or make me care about the extremely lame Dr. Fate, or maybe just kill off Fury and Sloane before those two cliches take up any more page time.

But, with my luck, they'll introduce Liberty Belle or earth 2 Black Canary as an amnesiac who turns out to be a princess who then gets kidnapped and has to be saved from her evil twin sister, who is working with her evil stepmother, to lock her away so that they can take over her kingdom. Then, she'll be saved by Wild Cat (Ted Grant, but his real name will be Prince Theodore Charming) who defeats the evil twin and stepmother and saves the princess, after which they'll get married and give birth to new versions of Jade and Obsidian
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