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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Malmö

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The most surprising thing for me is how surprised the German commentator was that Cascada did so badly. What did they thought they would get with a side show act performing a blatant rip-off of last year's winning song?
They are a big name over Europe in the charts so I was expecting them to do well too. However it means UK did 2nd best out of all of the top 5!!!11!! YAY!

Anyway, underwhelming winner - not had one of those IMO for a while. I did love 2nd, 3rd and 4th place though so there is hope for my tastes.

Greece doing so well was great too - really brought a fun vibe to the proceedings. And Denmark should be great hosts next year anyway - I imagine a lot of Danes were in that hall given how close Malmo is.
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