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Whatever dude. Just be thankful they're making something you enjoy as "Star Trek".
You're still trying to frame his definition as subjective. It is Star Trek, in every objective sense of the word. Subjectively, your mileage may vary, but that doesn't change the fact that it is Star Trek.
When someone says, "It doesn't feel like Star Trek," what they mean is, "It doesn't feel like GOOD Star Trek," which is a perfectly valid statement.
Though it's still wholly subjective as a form of taste. One can say "I don't like it, it doesn't feel like good Star Trek," and that's fine, but there are people using it to say that it doesn't qualify as Star Trek, because of some nebulous idea of what they think Star Trek is supposed to represent.

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I was just ready for it to end long before then. I mean how did they go from lunar orbit to falling to earth so quickly? Not to mention from the Neutral Zone to earth in 3 minutes.
The movie answers these questions.
No it doesn't. They just thought it would be cool to have the ship fall to Earth and be saved.
Yes, it really does. I recommend a second viewing.
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