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Ok, I have now seen the movie. I am actually still nauseated from all of the up and down camera work... glad I didn't see it in IMAX or 3-D.

I thought it was kind of a mess. It had the makings of a great film. But...

*The effects were outstanding (with one exception).
*The jokes were good.
*The shoutouts were ok (some seemed forced).
*Enterprise looked fantastic. I'm glad we got several beauty shots.

*NuSpock's behavior; started out pretty well; but by the last act... well, I'm not sure I buy it... I understand the desire to have him become more balanced; it just didn't really gell for me.
*The new warp effect; bring back the TMP effect.
*The back of the Enterprise (shuttle coming into the ship); it looks off scale; TMP Enterprise looked so much better (IMNSHO)
*The word for word dialogue from previous Treks... big let down for me. Especially the "big scene."

Mixed reaction:
*The plot: ok, I can buy the remixed version of Khan (esp. since Cumberbatch really did do an outstanding job), but it was all so jumpy. We went from one action sequence to another so quickly, the audience isn't really given time to absorb what's happening. Yes, there's exposition about the villain and his "family" (I liked Khan's explanation because it gave the audience a sustained episode of Cumberbatch's voice and delivery). I certainly felt that Khan was more of a threat than Marcus and his paranoid delusions (how do these people maintain positions at Starfleet?)

Audience reaction: fairly packed auditorium sized theater in downtown Silver Spring, Md. Some teenagers, some older people, and some people who brought toddlers (why?); they laughed at the jokes; I didn't hear any great gasps at the big reveal.

Final grade: C-
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