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Ahah it doesn't "feel like Star Trek" to you. However, the fact is, that it IS Star Trek, despite how you feel it should or shouldn't be. Like it or not, it is Star Trek, and there is a lot of Star Trek in there, not a "little".

All that said, point is, there is a lot of Star Trek in this Star Trek film, not a "little"
Whatever dude. Just be thankful they're making something you enjoy as "Star Trek".
You're still trying to frame his definition as subjective. It is Star Trek, in every objective sense of the word. Subjectively, your mileage may vary, but that doesn't change the fact that it is Star Trek.
When someone says, "It doesn't feel like Star Trek," what they mean is, "It doesn't feel like GOOD Star Trek," which is a perfectly valid statement.

I too am torn about this movie. As a fun, witty, action-adventure, it's quite a good movie. It's entertaining as hell, funny, tense, emotional, all those things you want from a space adventure spectacle.

But since when is the Star Trek property an action property? I honestly don't get it. None of the Star Trek shows are primarily action shows, and most of the movies are not primarily action movies. Even First Contact is more of a horror/thriller than an action movie (and a slow, thoughtful one at that.)

So why have Paramount and Abrams taken something that was really quite unique, and made it so common and mainstream? Sure, it's entertaining action, but entertaining action movie spectacles are a dime a dozen. These reboots don't feel like Star Trek, because they';re in a different genre than the franchise has been for almost 50 years. Wrath of Khan is not an action movie - the action is slow and dialogue-driven. This adrenaline rush stuff is standard Hollywood fare, but Star Trek has rarely had to rely on it before. The reason it doesn't feel like Star Trek is because now it feels like everything else. It feels less special, and more standard. Exciting and entertaining, absolutely. But standard.

It's funny. Lately, James Bond and Batman have rejuvenated their respective franchises and regained respect and popularity by becoming more serious, more complex, and more adult. Star Trek has rejuvenated its franchise and regained respect and popularity by doing the exact opposite - becoming simpler and more juvenile. I wonder why that is.
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