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Films are supposed to be art which is completely subjective. This film and the last one just do not feel like Star Trek to me. If people like it, good for them. If they don't there is nothing wrong with that either.
Ahah it doesn't "feel like Star Trek" to you. However, the fact is, that it IS Star Trek, despite how you feel it should or shouldn't be. Like it or not, it is Star Trek, and there is a lot of Star Trek in there, not a "little".

All that said, point is, there is a lot of Star Trek in this Star Trek film, not a "little"
Whatever dude. Just be thankful they're making something you enjoy as "Star Trek".
You're still trying to frame his definition as subjective. It is Star Trek, in every objective sense of the word. Subjectively, your mileage may vary, but that doesn't change the fact that it is Star Trek.
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