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Re: Had we ever seen imperial democracies in Trek?

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Burglar: "I didn't engage in a systematic project to break into someone else's home and rob them of their diamonds. My primary goal was just to have the diamonds; the fact that those things had prior owners was irrelevant! Were there to have been no prior owners, I would still have come and taken the diamonds!"

Europeans, and, later, European descendants, knew that the North and South America had native inhabitants, and they engaged in a systematic project to seize that land from its owners. Period. There is no way to spin this.
Poppycock. Europeans didn't "steal" the land any more than half the Indians who were living here in 1600 had stolen the land from the other Indians who lived here previously. There have been mass immigrations throughout history. Invariably, there is armed conflict as a result. One side wins, the other loses. The Indians were innocent bystanders. They fought a 200 year war and lost. It's not like they were doomed to lose, either. The German tribes sacked Rome, after all. Get a grip on your anti-Americanism, Sci. Grow up!
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