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Trust me, back in the 80s the plot holes and inconsistencies of TWOK were discussed by Trek fans ad nauseum. Starting with Space Seed was a season 1 episode and Chekov wasn't even on the ship until season 2.
Chekov was on the Enterprise as early as stardate 3018.2 ("Catspaw") and "Space Seed" took place on stardate 3141.9, so Chekov would have been there even if he didn't appear onscreen.
And many people imagined that he was simply not a bridge officer during Space Seed so the viewers didn't see him - but that doesn't resolve the real world inconsistency that Chekov as a character did not exist when Space Seed aired.

And thus, all the youngsters here can see how nitpicking and fanon handwaving and inconsistencies onscreen (like stardates being shown out of order thus begging the question of which adventures preceded which) have been going on for a very, very, very long time.
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