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Re: If you wrote the next one, which original episode would you revisi

I wouldn't revisit any.

For exact same reason which as clear as day, sift through the grading thread. LOL

Fair enough, JJ chose to chronicle Kirk and crew, to some backlash, but most of us loved both films.

If it were me, I would try and come up with a uniquely original idea. Difficult as most great ideas have been used over and over and over. I wouldn't involve time travel or inter-dimensional travel. I would however have a few mandatory call backs, and maybe a mention, not an appearance, of a TOS character.

I did however have an idea for a possible show. 25ep season. 5ep blocks take place on four different ships, one villain, two hero and one bystander freighter or similar. Basically all will fall together in the 5 episode closing. All ships are witnessing an event from four different perspectives. In the final ep arc the big bad or agenda is unveiled and all four ships team up or they will all be a victim of whatever it is. Co operation is the goal, even of they're all rivals to begin with.

It's a long shot idea I had many years ago.

I don't know what I'll do to be fair. As a trek fan I will probably ruin it with unintentional fanwankery. That's why JJ is good for trek, he adds outsider fanwankery
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