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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

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Faria, I don't understand your problem with turbo lifts. Do you object to elevators in tall buildings?

And just because a robot looks remarkably human doesn't mean that it necessarily acts all that human. The external appearance is the easy part.
1- my problem with turbolifts is that they go horizontally

2- the photo of the robot I post is of a robot able to imitate human facial expressions
1) And that would be wrong why? Ever been to a large airport?

2) Still a far cry from a Data or a Six.
Heh, I remember that seaQuest had a tram, aka a vertical turbolift, because the submarine was the length of an aircraft carrier. Of course, since it's a submarine, it had no need for an horizontal elevator, just a vertical cab. And of course, the tram was the least of the show's worries. A vertical "turbolift" makes sense.

But considering that Starfleet vessels are usually much taller, wider, and longer than a floating city that is an aircraft carrier (indeed, many times the size of an airport terminal), a turbolift is more than sensible. I would think the only thing that a show would want to fix is, why would a turbolift need to fight gravity to work (see: Disaster).
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