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Didn't want to see it, but a friend insisted on going.

For a completely forgettable summer popcorn flick and blockbuster film, I rate it a B+. Would be better if this wasn't a seriously perverted Star Trek film.

For a Star Trek film a D. Only cause there is a little bit of Trek in there.

But in all honesty, this feels like Star Wars 1 - 3.

I liked most of first part of the film. Especially Pike's speech. But none of the principle characters come off as taking the job serious. It's like watching a bunch of kids trying to command a boomer. This is due to a combination of the writers and directors tastes.

Khan's motivation is believable. And he does come off as an augment. But he seems more pissed than cunning.

Marcus' motivations seem plausible considering the last film. But the actor should have been someone else. He basically cloned his Paxton performance.

I still do not like JJ Prise inside and out. It's ridiculously too big. The engine sets look too big to fit inside. And he is seriously channeling too much Star Wars, which is his first love. I feel like we're in Leia's blockade runner.
The ship is supposed to make sense and very little makes sense. Hell the inside of this "Warp Core" looks bigger than the outside. When did the Feds develop Time Lord technology?

All and all I think these guys sat down said lets use these characters. Then we want these FX and action scenes. Now lets wedge a story in here somehow to make it believable. But it's not, so they move it too fast for you to even question it.

I for one am glad JJ is going on to Star Wars. He'll fit right in. But I seriously doubt I will want to see the next "Star Trek" film.

RIP Star Trek. Long live Trek Wars.
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