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Re: 7X13 The Name Of The Doctor(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

Kids big and small across the Western Hemisphere have no doubt yet to pick their jaws off of the floors. That was a humdinger of an ending. Wonder what it's like for fans who were completely unaware that Hurt would be involved with the show.

Not a perfect episode - a bit too much of the trademark silliness and pseudo-resolution for my taste - but scintillating enough in places. Nice surprise to see the First Doctor, though the opening scene and its reprise are slightly at odds with The Doctor's Wife.

This was something of a return to form for Moffat, I think. Like most of his best stories this one doesn't make much logical sense but packs an emotional punch, and that's arguably what good storytelling is all about. Great send-off for River. I guess it'll be a while before we have any idea of the exceptional circumstances whereby she learned the Doctor's original name( or maybe, since the Hurt Doctor didn't call himself that...).

Hurt is almost certainly a Time War incarnation between Eight and Nine. I wonder if we'll see a Hurt-to-Eccleston regeneration in November.

Anyway, Fridge Logic time. Were the Silence trying to kill the Doctor to prevent his past unravelling? And what was that stuff about no living thing being unable to answer? I'm thinking that there's an element of smoke-and-mirrors with this whole multi-seasonal storyline. This is really the one place where Moffat's writing seems to fall down - when it comes to arc plots he's an ideas man but seemingly unable to tie things up satisfactorily.

In any case, all things considered it's a Radagast from me.
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