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Re: If you wrote the next one, which original episode would you revisi

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The episode was the shittiest ever devised for Star Trek: TOS, and didn't say anything that wasn't said in 'This Side of Paradise'.


The messages of the two episodes are quite different. The Way to Eden is about the dangers of gurus - it says that putting your faith in a charismatic savior so that you don't have to think for or make choices for yourself will ultimately lead to dissapointment. This Side of Paradise says that a life of perfect bliss is also a life without accomplishment. The only thing they share is general dislike for the belief that living in Paradise would be cool - ironically the very idea that many have embraced as the core of "Roddenberry's Vision" for Star Trek as a whole.

The Way to Eden gets a bad rap. TOS did much, much worse episodes - I would rather watch Way to Eden on an endless loop than be subjected to the mind-numbing boredom of even a single viewing of That Which Survives, Wolf in the Fold or Spock's Brain.
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