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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Niners have a reputation for acting somewhat superior, and it has recently been put to me that Niners frequently badmouth TNG.
No offense...but ::bleep:: this. I am old enough to remember DS9 being DISMISSED by TOS and especially TNG fans during its run. In letters to Trek magazines. In interviews from newspaper articles. On forums during the earliest days of the internet. Even by many who wrote fawningly over TNG in the media while being brutal towards TNG (especially one particular reviewer for USA Today who later moved over to TV Guide....maybe that was Matt Roush). Deep Space Nine took a beating from Trek fandom. Even VOY was greeted initially with open arms from the rest of Trek fans because it followed the Trek formula and wasn't repeating Deep Space Nine's "mistakes". DS9 fans had to live with the fact that Paramount seemed perfectly willing to ignore it compared to its shipbound Trek shows. I cannot come close to conveying how bad it was for DS9 and how much crap it had to take from Trek fans in general, especially during its first four to five years. DS9 fans had to develop some tough skin. So when I read remarks without any context that Niners have some sort of superior attitude it makes me want to throw up.

With that said as a Niner myself I love TNG. TNG got things going again and I have fond memories of it even if it doesn't hold up all that well in some regards. It comes in third just behind DS9 and B5 and ahead of TOS, SGU and Space Above and Beyond.
I remember those days. I was one of those fans...for the first season. And I remember everyone telling us that it wasn't Star Trek. That it lacked any moral center. That it was no TNG. That they didn't like the dark tone. That it didn't have good sets. I caught episodes every once in awhile from 2-3 seasons. By the time the 4th rolled around, it was must-see, tape-every-episode television.
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