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Both STI and STiD feature a rogue Starfleet Admiral with connections to Section 31 as an antagonist, although, in STI, the connection isn't actually made apparent the way it is in STiD.
Uh, Dougherty isn't rogue in STI. He's acting on orders from the Federation Council.
So he says. I see no reason to believe him.

Besides, the thing with the Ba'ku is exactly the sort of operation Section 31 would pull. The real Federation would never stoop that low. It's above that sort of thing.
If S31 was really in on it then why would Picard have known ANYTHING about the operation, even if he thought they were only observing the Ba'ku in the same style as they were observing the Mintakans? Why would Data have been involved in the first place? Where did S31 get a prototype holoship with a cloaking device? After all S31 in the Prime Universe seems more like simply a handful of operatives, instead of the more Obsidian Order-esque organization that it became in the JJ-verse. Why would Dougherty have any kind of moral compunctions about killing the Ba'ku altogether? After all, S31 mandate is to place Federation interests above all others, and in the movie he was able to back up his position with the Prime Directive, something I sincerely doubt S31 would give a damn about.

And yes, real Federation officers would stoop that low. After all, regular officers were involved in the assassination of Gorkon in TUC. Are we going to start saying that every Starfleet officer in TUC that was involved in that conspiracy was also a member of S31? Valeris, after all, states that she is "saving Starfleet."
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