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I just couldn't help get this nagging feeling of Uhura reading from dictionaries in Star Trek VI ("We is condemning food and things") while talking to the Klingons in this movie.
Or she was simply more of an engineer than a linguist in the Prime timeline?
Yeah, I think we discussed something like that, but then we really nerded out and questioned how something like just the destruction of the Kelvin could change her career path. Butterfly effect and all I guess, but I just chalked it up to reboot and left it at that (nerd cred -1). I definitely prefer nuhura's skill set. You can tack diplomacy on there as well, really.
I always accepted that Uhura in the old timeline was trained in the "formal" application of languages. Dialects and colloquialisms vary by region. Unless she had studied and absorbed all of them, there was no way to avoid using the translator. Or in that case, "phrasebooks."

In this new timeline Uhura has specialized in languages and dialects. Big difference.
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