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I was very entertained by this movie and definitely want more. I thought it was better than the first one and it feels like it's getting better.

The little nitpicks didn't bother me or affect my overall opinion, but I had tons of them. I'll just share one of them as I really don't even feel like it's worth getting into all of them (and this one is easily countered, really). I just couldn't help get this nagging feeling of Uhura reading from dictionaries in Star Trek VI ("We is condemning food and things") while talking to the Klingons in this movie. My rationale was that the TUC version of Uhura is stupid and inept and never should have been that way, and this version is much more preferable. A friend of mine even went further to say that maybe prime Uhura did know Klingon when she was younger, but had forgotten it or become very rusty in her old age. Our discussions after the movie were so incredibly nerdy and fun!

I gave it a B+. What kept it from being an A was the pace of the movie not really seeming to let up. I definitely could have sat through another hour of this movie (well, had I not had that huge Pepsi) if it meant a more even pace. There were some edits that felt weird too, where it would go from something really serious, to something silly. It felt very much like a typical Hollywood blockbuster in many regards.

Lastly, I thought Cumberbatch was really a great actor, but he didn't really remind me of Khan. I absolutely loved his deviousness, his cold calculation, and his general badass qualities, but he seemed more like a robot for the majority of the time. It felt like he was lacking a certain charisma or something. Like when Kirk told Scotty to shoot Khan on the bridge of the Vengeance, I think we were supposed to feel conflicted about it, but I wasn't really.
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