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Re: Moore/Behr Interview: Studio wanted to get rid of Bashir/Move Stat

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Game of Thrones is adult. Stargate Universe was a horny teenager pretending to be an adult.
What would that make TOS. A pre-schooler playing house? I realize some of you still haven't recovered from having "sex" introduced into the Stargate franchise and thus are still recovering from a traumatic experience. I get it. Nonetheless the conflict and dysfunction amongst the crew of SGU was still true to life and closer to adulthood than te Stargate franchise will ever get. I don't want to bog down a DS9 board in an argument about SGU, but I will say I have never been as embarrassed to be a sci fi fan than in the overly negative reaction to SGU attempting to make Stargate into something other than a Saturday morning cartoon. Oh, wait. There is a DS9 connection. SGU was dumped on by Stargate and sci fi fans the same way DS9 was dumped on by Star Trek and sci fi fans during its first few years.
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