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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

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Do they take up more space than stairs? Because that would be the alternative. They're probably quicker that stairs, ladders and winding corridors. So, yeah they make sense.
No, they have non sense, esoecially for that I see in deckplans on internet, they are just a waste of space
You'll have to elaborate on that. What makes them a waste of space. Because increasing the ability to get from one area of the ship to another quickly would seem to make perfect sense.

Most deck plans are fan created. The ones we see in the show are pretty bare bones.

Data is not magic, it's possible
Androids are "magic". You know what's even more "magical" Androids/robots/AIs that are indistinguishable from humans
data is plausible, we already have some robots who can looks human
Looks like a mannequin

Looking human is the "baby" step. A Data and especially a Six is far beyond anything we have right now.
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