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Seen it. Liked it a lot. Anyhow...

Things I liked:

1. Plot

- made much more sense this time around. I haven't really given much thought to plot holes, but honestly, I don't really give a fuck. It worked.

2. Cast

- Zach Quinto is an AWESOME Spock. That scene in Pike's office ("multiple attitudes") was one of his highpoints. He absolutely nailed it.

- Chris Pine IS Jim Kirk. I loved him four years ago, I loved him even more now. And I'm seeing his Kirk grow, from an arrogant hothead into a respectable leader. Pine is a really good actor and I have no doubt he could pull off any kind of Kirk JJ required of him.

- Ben Cumberbatch - amazing performance, but NOT ENOUGH SCREEN TIME! Honestly, I couldn't give a crap about the fact that he and Ricardo Montalban share exactly zero shit in common (apart from both being human males). His Khan was badass. Even though there was absolutely no need to make him Khan. None at all. He could have been just a random augment from Botany Bay, it really wouldn't matter.

John Khaaarison is the best Trek villain since General Chang... OK, since the Borg Queen. Still, immesurably better than Ru'afo or Shinzon, not to mention Nero.

I especially liked the bit when Uhura confronts those Klingons. Zoe knows her tlhIngan Hol, thats for sure. It was great hearing that language on screen again. Everyone else was good too, especially Pegg and Urban. Peter Weller I liked as well, not to mention Bruce Greenwood. Too bad they killed Pike off. One less great character in the franchise's future.... Alice Eve / Carol Marcus? Meh. To paraphrase Spock - What the fuck was that chick doing there? Yeah, I know, posing in her undies.

3. Fanwank
- Those models on display in Marcus' office were a great sight to see. Pine reciting "space, the final frontier" was a nice touch. Ketha province? Get out of here!

Things I disliked:

1. The concept of transwarp beaming
- the fact that it's the miracoulous uber-amazing super tech is not what bothers me. The problem is that it brings this deus-ex machina feel to the story. Just feels like cheating. Also, this, and the fact that it took Enterprise only 10 seconds to reach Earth from TNZ, makes the galaxy feel rather small. The whole feeling of vastness just goes away.

2. I'm kinda tired now... Fuck this, I loved the movie, lets just leave it at that.
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