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Re: Kitchen Nightmares nightmare in Phoenix!!!

Much was said earlier in this thread about how American TV overemphasizes the spectacle of grumpy, angry, horrible Gordon Ramsay compared to the BBC, which is very true. But according to Katy Cipriano's reddit, after her interview he tipped her $20 and offered to pay for her cab ride home, as small gestures to make sure she would be alright. That's a pretty class act.

I also recall another American reality competition show where one of the contestants tried to man up and challenge Ramsay to a fight in front of the other competitors. He seemed to have confused American perception of Ramsay with the real deal. The first clue? The competitors were just absolutely confuzzled about the guy and tried to intervene on Ramsay's behalf out of respect. Yet another big clue that the American persona doesn't quite match the reality that he's, y'know, a human being.
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