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Upon first viewing it, I groaned because they felt so forced. Seeing it the second time, it wasn't as bad. I didn't mind. And again, it takes up, what, a minute, two minutes out of a two hour and ten minute movie?

Yeah, it's an odd moment. I saw a late showing with some friends. We all love this stuff, we all had a bit of a WTF? reaction to that part of the film.

But... that doesn't make it bad, necessarily. It's something I'll have to digest, and a second viewing may help.

On the one hand, it feels a little stale, going over old material like that, so closely, especially as the film's emotional core (it's 2 minutes, sure, but it's also the centerpiece of the film's main story). On the other hand, it can be seen as an original creative choice, and an interesting use of the alternate universe idea from the first film. I can't recall seeing anything quite like it in a film like this.

I'm not sure I would really want to see it become a habit, with each film being built around a big "déjà vu" moment. But in small doses... maybe.
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