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But the decision is kind of WTF and I kept wondering why the hell everyone and their dog gets a trial, but Cumberkhan doesn't. Because he's TEH EVULZ. He did save Kirk's butt and got shot in the back for no good reason, but he's evulz and deserves to serve time as a (super)human popsicle.
Maybe Khan did get a trial - we just never saw it.
While he's crushing Marcus's head, he yells that Marcus should've let him sleep. All he wants is for his crew to be safe and for him to be with them.

My guess would be in a type of "plea bargain" (best analogy I can come up with right now), Khan basically got his wish. He's with his crew, and his crew is safe. As I said above, it's really an act of mercy when you think about it.
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