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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

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I was disappointed by 2009 reboot of star trek because i hoped it was an opportunity to put off the most naif part of star trek. Unfortunately the reboot highlight the part of star trek i don't like.

I'd like tp see a reboot of star trek like the reboot of BSG:

-no alien
-no superweapons
-no magic technology (transponder,replicator,universal translator)
-no particle of the week
-with more internal coherence
-no time travel

and you?
How would it still be "Star Trek" without these elements? No strange new worlds, no new life and new civilization?

Warp drive is pretty magical, so no FTL travel?

What do you mean "more internal coherence"? For group a shows and films produced in a time that spans nearly five decades and by several different people its coherence, either by accident or design, is rather amazing.
1- see above

2- yes, but it is necessarry for the show

3-I mean a warp scale respected; for example
1) How is that Star Trek? As someone said, that sounds like Firefly. Plus the alien cultures are part of what sets Star Trek apart.

2) But the other "magical" no magic technologies are not?

3) Which warp scale? Most shows, even BSG move at the speed of plot.

USS Firefly wrote:
I can be wrong but I believe BSG was a real reboot and Star Trek not, Star Trek was a time travel movie were they are not going back to the 24th century.
So they had some rules to follow
You would be wrong.
Star Trek was a reboot. The time travel was an excuse to change things. (a reboot) The focus was clearly on the 23rd Century.

While BSG was a reboot it also stuck to the basic concepts of the original. Human-Cylon war. Colonies destroyed. Ragtag fleet fleeing the Cylons looking for a lost Colony called Earth. It's tone was different, much darker with less "likable" characters. That's what sets it apart from the original.
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