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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

The fan-produced Federation Reference Series in the 80's produced many of those "missing pages" (ships, uniforms, etc.), and is worth seeking out.
It's nice to see this mentioned, too!

There is nothing wrong with much of Franz Joseph's content. It just needs to be clarified as not being what was onscreen, and amended with what was. For example, his phaser was a different model. His HQ was the interstellar HQ at the center of the UFP, while other operational headquarters exist elsewhere. The USS Constitution? A variant of the Enterprise's class.

There is a lot of great material in there that shouldn't be cast off - it did, after all, represent much of what the fans took to be "Star Trek" for much of the 70s. But it should have the "real" stuff added if only to make the book relevant.
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