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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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Khan circa 1982

And this was the guy who played him in the 1960s.
Yes, of course, because it was a common practice in the 1960s to cast white actors as Asian characters, often with offensively caricatured makeup and accents. The point is that by this day and age, we should be more racially enlightened than our forebears half a century ago and recognize such practices as unacceptable. There are a ton of talented South Asian actors in Hollywood, the UK, and elsewhere, so there's no good reason not to cast one of them -- unless the character has been given a false identity with the distinctly English name "John Harrison," and a change in appearance to boot. (Although they could've just given him a more modest makeover and renamed him something like Mohinder Basra. But that might've been too much of a tipoff to the audience.)

Um, also FYI Khan was said to maybe be an Indian Sikh in one episode back in the 1960s from an alternate 1990s
Alternate to us, perhaps, but you're forgetting that the Abrams timeline is meant to have diverged from the Prime timeline only in 2233. Everything before that year should be identical in both continuities.

Plus its been pointed out that Khan has a bit of a cultural mishmash thing going on what with not having the complete Indian Sikh look and Khan being a Mongolian tittle.
Actually it's a common surname throughout South and Central Asia, though I'll grant it's unusual as a Sikh given name. And "Noonien" is actually of Chinese origin. Even so, it doesn't make casting a white guy any less incongruous.
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