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Re: Moore/Behr Interview: Studio wanted to get rid of Bashir/Move Stat

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Two things I will never forgive the bean-counters at Paramount for in regards to DS9:

1)Not allowing the Dominion occupation of DS9 to last a few more episodes at the beginning of season six.
2)Not allowing the ENTIRE seventh season to be strictly continuous like the last nine eps of the seventh season (The Final Chapter). Boy, that would have been something.
No thanks. Stargate Universe pulled that off and it didn't end well (although that was due to weak writing more than the weakness of the idea). That's a style more suited for marathon viewing, because it mitigates the lack of closure/resolution in each episode, plus it doesn't give the audience leeway to miss an episode here and there without missing big chunks of story. In an era without streaming services like Hulu to catch people up, doing that would've been suicide.

I disagree. Of course I loved Stargate Universe which was more adult and therefore interesting to me than its silly, cartoon predecessors. I found that SGU season 2 was the most enjoyable space-based sci fi show since the days of DS9 and B5. It was like the new BSG without the overboard gloom-and-doom, with far more humor and far less tendency to go off-track. And speaking of Babylon 5 that was another example of a strictly-continuity based show and it worked splendidly. I didn't need marathon broadcasts or streaming to keep up with it just as I don't need that now for a heavy continuity show like Game of Thrones. Following it on a week-by-week basis was enough.

But going back to DS9, the seventh season had a lot of missed opportunities. Most of all it had a lot of filler and fair amount of dull stand-alone eps. The strongest part of the seventh season was the opening two parter (which picked up from DS9's final sp of season six and carried over to the third episode of season seven) and the Final Chapter. Is there any doubt that the Final Chapter (the last nine episodes/ten hours) of season seven gave the season its greates momentum and interesting developments with its use of strict-continuity? Imagine if the writers had the chance to do that all season long and gotten rid most of those disappointing Ezri eps. They could have scattered elements of those Ezri episodes throughout season seven as mere subplots in order to show her development and adjustment. Imagine if the The Siege of AR-558 had been spread out over three eps as a major storyline with other continuing storylines going on back on the station. Well, that would have worked for me at least. I trusted that team of writers and I'm sure they could have made it work. At the very least perhaps that would have allwed them to end the Dominion war a little earlier and allowed the last six eps to be dedicated to followup and taking care of other loose ends. (like whether Bajor would finally join the Federation).
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