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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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Plus, I would include the missing pages (medical hypo, etc.). New pages should be added for dress uniforms, the first season hazard suits, jump suits, and other ship types seen in TOS/TAS.
The fan-produced Federation Reference Series in the 80's produced many of those "missing pages" (ships, uniforms, etc.), and is worth seeking out.

Frankly, I would dump the Articles of Federation and treaty wankery (since there's no way to canonically validate it), though I'd keep at least some of the flags.
Well, I'd at least replace the Articles of the Federation with something not quite so lifted from the UN Charter.

Also, I'd replace Fleet Headquarters with the STIII Space Dock (in planning stages, maybe).
Or at least establish them as being two different places. Maybe Spacedock is in Earth orbit, and the FJ Fed HQ station is out at the L-5 point.
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