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Re: Generations was...

Johnny wrote: View Post of the best scored Star Trek films in it's history, musically it has produced some of the most memorable motifs.

IMO it was written with a feeling of history to it, looking back over the many years of TNG and their friendships. Something that I think was lost when the ent-e came around.

Also, since there's a box to fill, I think it was one of the best shot as well, everything from the depth of colour on the bridge to the flood yellow of ten forward.

For me it was the film that made space feel big again, that there was a lot going on, and that space-action doesn't have to be the thing that pushes along the story. Picards personal loss had so much depth to it.

Would love to hear thoughts on it?

Agreed. I loved it. My favorite STAR TREK film to date, with the most epic feel to it (sorry nuTREK... ). It feels larger than life.
It is beautifully filmed, sad and melancholic. I also love the soundtrack (get the expanded OST released last Septemper, it has some of the best cues in there, which were previously unreleased).

My favorite TREK film. And it doesn't age as the TOS films (with the exception of TUC) do. It still looks awesome after almost 20 years.
Star Trek - A Final Unity
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