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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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While that is true, I think the ramifications of this long-distance beaming need to be explored. Even if it were just used for cargo, beaming it to the edge of a star system for local collection, it could virtually eliminate cargo ships and put people out of work.
But the 24th-century Federation is a post-scarcity, moneyless economy. Nobody has to work for a living. Nobody's going to starve or be deprived of housing or education or medical care just because they lose a job. They work because they want to, because they find the work rewarding, and if one job goes away they can find a different one if they so desire.

About those TMP-style dress uniforms - I know it goes against traditional thinking, but I wonder if what we saw in TMP (or perhaps even ID) were the Earthside uniforms of the TOS era?
I've long felt that the intention of the designers in TMP was that what we were seeing was not a wholesale redesign in-universe, but just a more accurate portrayal of what it had looked like all along, which the TV series hadn't had the budget to get across. We know that's what Roddenberry intended with the Klingon redesign. And the Abrams films seem to be following a similar premise, that the technology and costume designs we saw in the movie era had been around sooner despite how it appeared in TOS.

I'm not sure it is much more advanced. Certainly moreso than is depicted in technical publications and writers guides, but I don't think anything happens in the movie, from long-distance calls to superfast warping to Kronos, that hasn't happened before in Trek's canon - they just based their version of Trek on the faster end of the previous examples. The rest (like the cool glass in the brig) I put down to seeing the 23rd century from the perspective of 2013 instead of 1966 or 79. Of course, YMMV.
Sure, that's one way of looking at it. And for a production today to depict future technology no differently than a 1960s show did would be silly. But the "reverse engineered from the Narada" explanation is a handy justification for the change if you want it to be.

I've heard this theory a few times now. I'm not particularly fond of it, and prefer to see it as a simple retcon. After all, even if there is a strong resemblence, who in their right mind is going to think Khan Noonien Singh is alive and well in 2259? Arik Soong considered the S.S. Botany Bay to be a myth.
The problem there is metatextual: It would be offensive and unacceptable to cast a white actor to play a Sikh in and of itself. There's far too much of a tendency in Hollywood already to cast white actors in roles that should be played by Asians -- The Last Airbender and Cloud Atlas have both drawn controversy for their choices in that regard. If we're supposed to believe that this is Khan's unaltered face, then that's just more racially insensitive casting, and Star Trek should be better than that. Assuming he got plastic surgery doesn't do much to make the casting more acceptable, but at least it's something.
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