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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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-Transwarp beaming (a technology from the primeverse's 2387) can teleport a person from Earth all the way to Kronos and possibly further, although as we saw in the last movie, not without risk. This has the potential to hugely affect the novelverse. At the very least, it means Scotty could rematerialize just about anywhere after beaming off the exploding USS Challenger in Indistinguishable From Magic. If it's ignored it would be a shame, IMO.
As I've said before, there's already an interstellar transporter technology that was known to exist prior to 2370, the subspace transporter used in TNG: "Bloodlines." But as that episode explained, it's rarely used because of the immense power expenditure and risk involved. I don't see anything in the way transwarp beaming has been portrayed in the films that requires it to be a new technology rather than this very same one. In both of the cases we've seen it used, it's been an emergency use, a situation where the risk was seen as warranted. Its more advanced form in this movie could be a consequence of Khan's superintelligent weapons research on Section 31's behalf -- maybe he found a way to take it farther than scientists in the Primeverse did. Perhaps because he was less concerned about safety.

So if you want to talk about the consequences of interstellar beaming to the novelverse, it should be a conversation about the ramifications of "Bloodlines." This has been a potential issue for 19 years now; it's just that nobody really opted to address the issue because "Bloodlines" wasn't all that memorable an episode.
While that is true, I think the ramifications of this long-distance beaming need to be explored. Even if it were just used for cargo, beaming it to the edge of a star system for local collection, it could virtually eliminate cargo ships and put people out of work. Trek lit has given Treknology a long-overdue nudge forward (working versions of the quantum slipstream drive and Romulan phasing cloak, for example). If it will redefine Trek, it'd be cool to explore that. If it won't, let's find out why not.
-We saw more of Kronos, although it appeared to be undergoing a post-Praxis apocalypse.
A lot of stuff does seem to be happening prematurely in the Abramsverse. The tech is more advanced, the dress uniforms resemble those seen in TMP (though I loved the costuming nod to the hat glimpsed in Pike's quarters in "The Cage"), and if you accept the comics (which I have some doubts about, as expressed in the relevant thread), then a lot of Kirk's missions are happening years sooner as well. Maybe the particular nature of the quantum entanglement created by the Red Matter is causing more bleedthrough of events from the original timeline than would usually be the case.

EDIT: Although, come to think of it, maybe the Narada incident drove the Klingons to accelerate their fleet buildup and energy production, causing the Praxis disaster to occur sooner.
About those TMP-style dress uniforms - I know it goes against traditional thinking, but I wonder if what we saw in TMP (or perhaps even ID) were the Earthside uniforms of the TOS era?
Again, Abramsverse tech is clearly more advanced. The favored explanation suggested by Roberto Orci is that the Kelvin's scans of the Narada's future tech were retrieved by Starfleet (downloaded onto the escape shuttles, I assume) and this allowed them to advance their own technology substantially in the ensuing 25 years. So there's no reason why this should have any impact on the Prime-continuity novels. It's unique to the alternate reality.
I'm not sure it is much more advanced. Certainly moreso than is depicted in technical publications and writers guides, but I don't think anything happens in the movie, from long-distance calls to superfast warping to Kronos, that hasn't happened before in Trek's canon - they just based their version of Trek on the faster end of the previous examples. The rest (like the cool glass in the brig) I put down to seeing the 23rd century from the perspective of 2013 instead of 1966 or 79. Of course, YMMV.
Although that story is not in continuity with the novelverse, and other versions say she wasn't. I don't recall what Vanguard said about her past. But there's no reason why anything revealed here about Carol should have any impact on the novelverse. I mean, she's clearly had a very different life, since she was evidently raised in England.
Oh, I knew the comic wasn't part of the current continuity. I was just suprised to come across it and see that Carol Marcus being in Starfleet wasn't a new idea.
He was given a false identity, and as a major historical figure he had a recognizable face. It stands to reason his Caucasian appearance is the result of cosmetic surgery.
I've heard this theory a few times now. I'm not particularly fond of it, and prefer to see it as a simple retcon. After all, even if there is a strong resemblence, who in their right mind is going to think Khan Noonien Singh is alive and well in 2259? Arik Soong considered the S.S. Botany Bay to be a myth.

IDW will be publishing a John Harrison backstory soon-ish. I'm curious how they deal with it (it at all)
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