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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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The Trek Collective's article on upcoming IDW comics shows a suggested event timeline for the comics:
The "Tribbles" story has a 2259 stardate, but the one given is during Into Darkness, so it's rather obviously wrong. I think late 2258 (after the McCoy story, before The Redshirt's Tale) is probably better.

(#17 is the last comic with a stardate, taking place on 2258.247, with #10 being shortly beforehand on 2258.241. My assumption is that #11-14 plus Countdown to Darkness, not being flashbacks, all occur in order sometime after #10/#17 and before the video game on 2259.32.)

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What excites me is the fact that there will be a John Harrison mini-series later this year, and the Gorn will appear in the comic, which will hopeully bridge the gap to the video game.
Some details in the video game are hard to reconcile with Into Darkness itself. I wonder if (solicitation aside) they'll end up just ignoring the game entirely.
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