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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

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I was disappointed by 2009 reboot of star trek because i hoped it was an opportunity to put off the most naif part of star trek. Unfortunately the reboot highlight the part of star trek i don't like.

I'd like tp see a reboot of star trek like the reboot of BSG:

-no alien
-no superweapons
-no magic technology (transponder,replicator,universal translator)
-no particle of the week
-with more internal coherence
-no time travel

and you?
I wouldn't mind a story set in the TMP era where tech was still advanced but very limited compared to TNG. I'd place limits on transporters and I'd want to see alien civilisations more limited in number so we develop perhaps a dozen species in stead of aliens of the week with one defining trait. God-like aliens should be Vorlon level not Q level.

I would not want to reboot established characters with different genders but I would want to see equalisaton of the sexes (i.e. double the number of women) and crew members with relevant skills picked for relevant missions.

I am fine with conflict among the humans but not as ever-present as NuBSG.

I'm even writing a TMP-styled comic where I'm doing exactly this, although I'm not sure how successful it has been in its style and implementation...
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