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I'd put the score in the top three in the original series of films. (Cliff Eidelman's Star Trek VI I put at the top; his score was so good his career never recovered. Then either Goldsmith's Star Trek: The Motion Picture score or Horner's Star Trek II score.) What makes Dennis McCarthy's score for Generations stand out is that after six years of being told to write "sonic wallpaper" by Rick Berman, he finally got to write a score, and it's like every idea he had locked away finally bubbled to the surface. It's certainly an effective score, and his main theme feels like Star Trek while going in its own direction.
While the Generations score had some brilliant moments, the choir for example is exceptional, personally I found it didn't really ascend to the levels of Goldsmith or Horner. The fact that some material was reused in DS9 didn't help matters either.

In regards to the film, Moore and Braga both admitted that 'All Good Things' was the superior effort even though the finale had far shorter development period. The only real issue I have is with the destruction of the Enterprise being done so poorly. From a production stance I can see why they had too however, the Galaxy class and its sets were designed for 4:3 television and didn't translate well at all to the 2.35:1 aspect ratio whereas the Enterprise E looked excellent and its sets had much more width.
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