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Re: Universal Translator

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Depends. If the writer of the work in question wanted it to, then it could. If the writer didn't want it to, then it couldn't.

Whichever one the writer wants.

Seriously, these things are pretty much made up as they go along. They don't answer these questions until there's a need to answer them, so any answer anyone here gives is no more accurate than whatever you want.
Yeah, but just saying 'whatever the writer wants' is a non-answer. If you don't have an intelligent thought, then don't answer!
An intelligent answer? Considering there are absolutely no facts whatsoever to support any claims made in regards to your questions, it's basically just being made up. Any "intelligent" answer would basically just be guessing, and I'm sure you can do that yourself.

With the lack of any objective standards, there can be no intelligent answers to your question, rendering them unanswerable.
Whatever the writer wants is just about the best answer there is. The UT is magic tech that works or not at the writers' whimsy. Given how we've seen them operate, there is no reason why in Damok the things shouldn't have worked, except the writers didn't want them to.
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