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Still I could let that slide, what I couldn't was the brazen way JJ turned the last 3rd of the movie into WOK 2.0. Lines, scenes all remade.
Yes, I found that distracting the first time I saw it, but honestly, it's one scene and about 5 lines -- not the whole last 3rd of the movie. And even the repeated scenes are with different characters, designed to demonstrate that these two men would combine to defeat Khan once again, even if they took complementary roles this time. On 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th...) viewing, the shock has worn off and you can settle in and enjoy the notes that are different, rather than focus on those that are the same.

The way Kirk knocks Scotty out (rather than a neck pinch), then even in the moment before he takes the final lethal step, he comes back to activate the seatbelt on Scotty's chair. The fact that Kirk calls it "our ship" rather than "the ship". The way that they filled each others' roles, on the basis that it was what they thought the other would do. Lovely!

I know there's a lot of love for TWOK. I love it too. But I really think the rose-coloured glasses are pretty firmly in place for most people. TWOK had just as many errors, plot holes, inconsistencies, ideas lifted from past Trek and dodgy acting as STID, if not more so. I mean, I always wondered why when Chekov and Terrell first discover the Botany Bay and Chekov tries to scamper out of the cargo carriers before they are discovered but meet Khan and his followers on the outside -- why didn't they just call the Reliant and say, "Two to beam up. Now!" Khan would have had no way to stop them, and no way to follow them. The answer is, because it suits the script that they don't. If Kurtzman and Orci had written that, we would never hear the end of it.

Isn't that the first thing you learn in Starfleet School, if a bad thing is about to happen to you planet side, beam the hell outta there!
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