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I second the motion. I took one look at Karl Urban in that thing and fell in love.
We'll have to fight it out for him

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For all that I am happy with the male cast we already have, and I wasn't too fussed either way about Carol Marcus (would prefer her screen time going to Bones, Sulu or Chekov) I did think Alice Eve was an awesome chick, heaps of fun on the interview circuit and should make a fun addition to the cast (as long as it doesn't degenerate into both Kirk and Spock with girlfriend troubles )
I thought the bomb disarmament scene could have been better done as a Kirk/Spock/McCoy bro scene but I suppose that had to give Carol Marcus something to do.

Ummm. There are some positives women wise I notice. The navigator girl was a normal size woman. There were some women Captain/First Officers at Daystrom. At least there were some before Khan mowed them down. Unfortunately when Marcus was meeting with the senior admirals I don't think I saw a woman there. I may be wrong though.
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