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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Souls don't exist, which is all your arguing for. Tuvix is just an amalgamation of two officers, brain included. They aren't dead, they are just the thing with one head. The brain is just an organ like any other. Not going to waste time watching the show, yet you keep coming back to post your opinions vainly trying to masquerade as facts.
Fuck souls.

How they don't make transporterclones when transporting people, is by using all the same exact same matter.

Using anything short of all the same matter is making another defective Tuvix creature screaming about equal rights, and even using less matter than they should is akin to sleeping on a half blown up airbed, which is the lighter side of pumping an airbed until it bursts.

Their pattern however was stored in the computer.

The pattern in the computer remembered the shape and positions of the electrical impulses in their brains which constitutes their emotions and other faculties.

The pattern is their memories and identity, and the pattern in the computer restamps that personality onto the cookiedough like matter they rebuild into a person every-time a transporter transports a wad of ugly bags of mostly water.

They could have used those patterns to make "clones" at any point, who would not be the real Tuvok and Neelix but also unique and fresh new beings, which no one cared to do except maybe Kes, who was probably ignorant to the possibility and wouldn't care since she even thinks that the Doctor is a person.

The pattern is a mould.

After you pull a body apart into a 100 trillion pieces it's natural instinct is not re-coalesce into the same human being, it's wants to become exploded pizza.

Only the pattern is forcing the matter to be it's bitch is what turns a bloody mess into a talking thinking feeling person.
They don't need crews at all, really. A ship can fly itself and pop up crew, even colonies, where ever and whenever needed, or should be able to. Genesis was the first time the show ever used the implications of the transporter technology to a purpose one would expect people would. Heck, why does it even beam crew members up injured? Just repair them in transit, but no...
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